Hold Your Head up ~ And Lead With Your Heart.

Hold Your Head Up1

Hold Your Head Up PDF
Posture used to be taught.  It is something that, for the most part, has gone by the wayside in this technical era.  Most people spend hours and hours crouched over some sort of device, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desk computer.   We have become “down looking” people, and detached from the physical world.  It is not good for our physical or emotional bodies to be like this so much.

When one lifts the head up, the shoulders go back, the spine lengthens and the chest comes forward.  In this posture, it is possible to lead oneself with the heart.  Remember that the heart truly is more connected to your “being-ness” than your brain is.  Your heart – is YOU.

When you hold your head up, your inner pride automatically comes forth, and your inner Love for yourself is expressed and once you start doing this and you go out walking, you will find that everyone you meet will acknowledge you.  Add, a big, genuine smile, and you probably will make someone’s day better.

From here, you will find that YOUR day will be fun, enjoyable and productive.  You will feel well and happy and you will find your inner creativity becoming more often spurred into action.

Give it a try – it cost you nothing, not even time – just walk this way every time you walk.  Sit this way too – it’ll change your life!  🙂
Hold your head up

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