Truth – what is it? – Really?!

What is Truth

Truth – what is it?  Really? PDF

Truth is acknowledging who you are. It is about recognition of what is real.
Real and True? Real OR True?
Which is which and what is what?
How do we know the difference between what is real and what is true?
How do we know what is real?

Choosing to come into a reality in a physical body allows one to experience real in such a real-i-ty.

Without a physical body, real is a totally different thing. So, in the physical, real is what can be manifested in the physical and which can be perceived by the physical senses. Truth is what actually is. Truth cannot be disputed. Truth can be investigated and it all ways comes out the same – because truth never changes. Truth all ways feels the same. Truth does not cause emotional stress – unless another is attempting to prevent truth being told, or simply will not hear it.

Truth heals – once truth is predominant, healing occurs – physical and emotional healing. The physical body responds to truth. When truth is absent – or, if untruth is present, the physical body will give messages in the form of dis-ease, illness, imbalance, lack of healing.

The physical body is truth – it is the truth of the level of health within – within the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

The body is real. The body is the truth. All ways.

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