Inflowment is happening all around us.  All ways – when we allow it to.


Over the last few months, inflowment has been showing up here, there and everywhere!   It seems that when I let go of having to have something happen, or appear, then it does.  Once I have an idea or a vision of something I would like to manifest, I can put some intention into its creation, see some parts of it in my heart’s eye, and then let it go.  The number of things and experiences that have shown up when I have got that formula right, is getting bigger and bigger.  In addition, being able to give and receive in equal measure is really helping.  For much of my life, I have been a giver, but would not allow anything (much) to come into my experience in the way of others giving to me.  More recently, I have allowed more and more, I am able to acknowledge when others are giving to me.  It is not the receiving of $$$, but of kindnesses, and thoughtfulnesses!!  It is also of appreciation and acknowledgement of my kindnesses and thoughtfulnesses!!

“Life is what you  make it.”  “Mind over matter” “You get what you give” “You reap what you sow” – all of these quotes I heard for years, I now know are truths.   Remember to live by these and soon inflowment appears!  With Love.  All ways!

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