Find Your Tribe!


What do we know?  What can we know?   What do we need to know right here, right  now?  We ask so many times, why?   This is the most tricky one to find the answer to.  I sit here and I ask:  “What can I do to bring out the best in all humans?”  You see, I see so much talent, beauty, kindness, willingness and altogether  humaneness in ordinary  – or so-called “ordinary” people every day.  So, what is the problem ?   
In many areas, there is occurring ,  pain, suffering, lack and limitation.  Why?  When all we have to do is love our neighbours, be there to help each other, share, give, receive.  Give, Love, Live.  It could be simple if we allowed it to be.  If we would return to our roots where we are, and live as tribes – all ways looking out for one another.  How simple IS that – how much more simple can it be?  What can I do?  I, in this moment of now KNOW that I must find my tribe – The Heart Song Tribe.  UNITE – NOW!!


Living on Earth

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