It’s All About Energy!

Its All About Energy

Its All About Energy PDF

This one is going to be somewhat challenging to some, but I feel I must put it out anyway!

In these moments of now, there is much to share regarding the truth about the planet we call earth.  Imagine some beings who are struggling to survive with no real way of creating energy for themselves.  What could they do?  Why can’t they generate their own energy? Where did they come from?  And why should you imagine them or this scenario? 

OK, here is the story I have for you.  These beings were “accidentally” created so they are far from perfect.  They have no souls, but they have certain creative abilities, using certain types of technology.  They find that they do not easily exist in this Universe, yet they have to stay here, or cease to exist.  They love the earth, but they struggle to live in its atmosphere.  What to do??  They hatched a brilliant plan!  Feed off humans’ energy.  The human has an endless supply of energy.  But, on a perfect Planet Earth, where humans know exactly who and what they are, it is tough to attach any “extraction tubes”! 

Now, these clever beings hatch this brilliant plan.  Create a copy of the beautiful Earth and make some modifications.  Create a diversion, infect some spirits and guide them to Copiedearth instead of to Real Earth.  The infection causes lost memory of who they are in the diverted humans and it also causes most of them to be easily programmed and then to be controlled so in the end, they do not even notice the energy being sucked out of them.  Who are these beings?  They are known as “the archons”, who came to being from a mistake the Universe creator made during creation of the Universe.  Now we see this Copiedearth go through many changes over eons of time.  At certain times, some of the inhabitants were lost.  The areas once known as Lemuria and Atlantis, and the humans living there, could no longer sustain the energetic “milking” of their bodies.  However, the Copiedearth sustained – it was a good copy, so it had a good strong base.  The archons shoved-in to some of the human vessels in order to take control of the other humans on Copiedearth to ensure all of them could get fed.  Those on Copiedearth had to feed on human children to survive in that environment, whereas the rest of the energy could be piped to the other archons.    They created a system that caused all true humans to give their energy without realizing they were.   They slowly, but surely, became tyrannical leaders, creating ways to instill fear in the humans.  they  made up all sorts of laws and rules to make life harder for them, because fear and stress tastes SO good to archons! 

Although they could not create their own energy, they sure were good at manipulating others to create it for them, and over centuries, they had a system made that provided them with as much energy as they wanted.  It was perfect – for them!  But the humans were suffering.  Children went missing every day, and somewhere more and more were being sacrificed, abused and consumed.  Copiedearth became a battered mess, reflecting this vile consuming way, and all life began consuming other life to sustain their bodies to stay alive.  Those having their energy sucked out of them daily, had to consume other energy just to sustain their own life.  It became a vicious  cycle.  No one suspected there was anything REALLY wrong, they just started to believe that their souls just  needed “testing” and “lessons for growth” etc.  They started to simply accept a life of hardship to be normal, meanwhile, the archons continued to create ways they could manipulate more and more energy out of the humans. 

In time, Universe creator said “enough is enough” and asked for volunteer evolved souls to go in and expose to the rest of the Universe what was occurring on Copiedearth.  Their mission was to go there and together stop the archons’ game.  Even these volunteer evolved souls (to various levels) got hit by the infection/virus causing them not to have full memory of who and what they were and of their mission.  They each found their knowareness at various stages of their time on Copiedearth, having come from all over the Universe, including from Real Earth.   There was so much deceit at this point that the vast majority of the fed-upon humans were oblivious to what was happening.  Even high numbers in poverty, more and more restrictions on what you were ‘allowed’ to do, false terrorism attacks blatantly executed, didn’t make them aware, let alone knoware what was going on.  Instead, it created more fear and stress to feed the suckers – exactly what they wanted.  The population was still rising despite all of this, because that is what the suckers wanted – more and more energy created for them!!!

It was all going so perfectly for them – until some of the “evolved souls” shook off some of the memory infection, at least partially, and started working out and seeing all of the clever deceitful ways that had been created to feed off the humans.  Most of these ways were nothing short of brilliant!  Bring in “religion”, for example.  What easier way to harvest energy than to have people worship and praise you through your leader called “god”!!?!  Once exposed, these deceitful ways had less power, but it wasn’t enough to stop them until a much higher number of the evolved souls recognized the tricks.  The evolved souls had to use their energy (less and less was being able to be sucked off them due to their knowareness) and they worked hard to guide the humans on Copiedearth to recognize what was really going on.  Beyond the Copiedearth, other Universal beings stood by for the moment that the energy was high enough to disperse Copiedearth and return all Universal souls to REAL Earth.    In one moment of now, the energy was high enough!!
The archons, who were soul-less, dispersed with Copyearth. 

This is quite some story isn’t it?  Imaginary?  Well, in these moments of now, the end is, but it is an awareness of mine that the rest is very close to a true story.  It explains so many otherwise unanswered questions.  What is a more likely story?  Share yours in the comments if you would like!

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