Finding My Way to Inflowment

No Authority

Finding My Way to Inflowment PDF

There is, in these moments of now, so much incredible information available to us all. However, one must remain balanced, open and willing to take large amounts of information into ones heart along with ones OWN knowing in order to make choices on ones life path. In most cases, for me, my first feeling about the question as to what does this all mean, is the one I come back to.

A few perspectives from others that recently came into my awareness have caused me to put pencil to paper to document my thoughts , feelings and recognitions on what was being discussed in these sharings from others. As has happened for me before, a few different subjects tend to blend together and I see them connect, to have me see a bigger picture and from there to get some clarity.

One very large point from this group of perspectives that I align with is that the main reason that humanity is being held back from attaining real freedom and the ability to reap the abundance provided on this planet, is the divisiveness that has been brilliantly manufactured by those in control. Continuous propaganda points various groups in opposite directions to keep humans arguing over which way is the best way to go, over what is right and what is wrong, over how things work or how they don’t, and on and on and on, squabbling and pulling further and further apart. I have so often said that even when we don’t agree with one another, we must not argue, we must not put others down with ridicule, accusations and name-calling. This sort of behaviour will NEVER help us to get to where we want to be. When we support and encourage each other, so long as there is no harm being done, we will all ways make progress and get into free forward motion. When we oppose each other, we will never make any significant progress.

The next important point is that at times we become too tied up in the small picture of life here on Planet Earth. Sometimes we must step back and see at least more of the big picture. Without that perspective , one can get too stuck in the drama of things and not see much as it really is. On the other hand, sometimes when we are stuck in the drama of it all, we forget to have some fun and to see how much good is happening around us and how many people are truly beautiful, kind and outstandingly brilliant in their creative abilities.

Another thing i realize is that sometimes we get so tied up in our righteousness, we fail to see what could be the smart move and that it might simply be stubbornness that is holding us back from recognising the true path to a free, unlimited and unencumbered life whilst here in this physical reality.

Each one of us has a different role in these extraordinary times and it is not productive to criticise others for their choices. We must allow each one to play their role. I see this as some sort of massive game or theme park where we are part of a giant game – we have yet to discover it’s full purpose. My feeling is that at least part of it is for us to figure out how we got to where we are, decide whether or not we “like” it, (or at least willing to tolerate it), and if not, what to do about it. There is no “one size fits all” in life. We are each unique. Some enjoy being where they are, living a simple way, supporting the system, abiding by its imposed rules. Some absolutely do not. This is where we get to choose folks. If you think that suddenly, miraculously , EVERYONE will “awaken”, I feel that you will be disappointed . I have been!  I finally realise that it simply ain’t gonna happen!!! Therefore, I quit that expectation and I sow seeds for any who might be on a path to opening up to a bigger picture. I teach by example to anyone who wants to see. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, I am just documenting my perspective in these moments of now.

I am choosing the route of least resistance for me. I continue to create a life that I can enjoy every day, where I am not resisting anything. A life where I am my own authority and everyone and everything knows it. A life where I inform and notice the “world” (not the Earth because she already knows it) of this, with self confidence, self worth and standing as a unique living being on this beautiful, imperfect Planet. I choose to all ways live from my heart, all ways being there to support and encourage any other who could use my support and encouragement, balancing that with my own choices for my own life experiences.

I acknowledge my right as a natural living being to live this way, and if it takes a few notices and creations of my own to do that, I am willing to do it. I will do what it takes to create the life I choose to experience while continuing to do no harm. I all ways act in a moral and humane way toward all in the Universe with respect and grace as I flow forward to inflowment.

The Perspective that inspired me to put pencil to paper:
Love each other

From Mark Passio – The Clowns of the Freedom Movement

* Interesting note.  I have uploaded this as an mp3 because when I posted it as a YT video, the image connected to the YT video repeatedly showed up as the main image to this post when sharing on Facebook, even after I had deleted the link to the video, even in repeated fresh new postings of this writing of mine,  I had to rename the post to get it to go away.  If you go to YT and type in “Mark Passio The Clowns of the Freedom Movement”, you will find the original YT video where the above recording came from, and see the image.  I have no problem as such with the image, I just did not want it to be the image to MY writing!  Most interesting energetics here!!

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