The Time is Now!

The Time is NOW

The Time is NOW! PDF

The time is now – the time I refer to is the moment of clarity.  That moment appears when you move out of supposing and into knowing and feeling the truth – whatever distractions are planted in your path.  You see, whenever a question arises, stop, and seek immediately the answer because there all ways is one in that moment – not later, but right this moment and feel in your heart the true answer.  The biggest thing to get past is realizing that the path you take is not all ways one that another may have taken.  In fact, it rarely is.  All paths differ, there are no two identical.  Feel the answer as soon as the question is posed.
Do not second guess – ever.

The ponderance can all ways be short and sweet as the longer you go, the more likely you are to fall into mind chatter.  This will not guide you on your true path.  Remember – Life is a journey it must be said, follow your heart, not your head.  Trust yourself, know that you know, your heart shows you which way to go!

“Go within” is a phrase often heard.  Also “as above, so below”.  These are wise and also true.  Can you enter into something to get out?  With some wise steps, indeed you can.   This is a time when you can find yourself second guessing and as mentioned before, that is not wise, so don’t be drawn away from your heart.  When you have the opposition or those who are trying to control you, second guessing instead of you, that is when you get to out smart them. However, do not forget,
*There are No Enemies, Only Opportunities!

Remember, you have the humane human-ness. 

This is all ways superior – ALL WAYS!



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