Feelings or Emotions?

Feelings or EmotionsFeelings or Emotions PDF

Feelings or Emotions?

Lately, I, being the physical being in a human body, have been recognizing that I hardly ever react in an emotional way to situations and experiences like I used to. Instead, I take it in my stride and make observations. Why might that be?

Life in the human body is perpetually challenging. Between interactions with others, from friends, co-workers and family members, to people you never met before, it takes a while before most humans can find a way to be more level in those interactions. Acceptance of what is, is something that once reached, makes the human’s life much less stressful. You see, once you can accept what is, you can be comfortable with that and just move on along. You can create your experiences – this is what is happening all along. You create your experiences with your thoughts and feelings. You are very powerful. When you let go of reacting to each event using your emotional body, you then find that very few negative feelings enter your body, your mind and ultimately, your heart.

The emotional body is important of course – it is what makes you human. However, when you choose your feelings rather than just allowing the emotional body to take over, along with the human ego, you remain in tranquility rather than causing stress throughout the mind and body. When you use the heart to choose your feelings about what is occurring around you, then stress does not occur. You recognize that what is occurring, simply, is. You can observe whether it is an experience or a situation that will help you grow and learn, or one that is simply a non-event. Most experiences are learning experiences. Even when they don’t feel so good at the time, they still help one grow. Once one feels from the heart about what has occurred, then very few experiences feel bad.

The other thing to remember as one is interacting with other humans, is your GRACES – remember to use your G.R.A.C.E.S. When we use Grace, Respect, Acknowledgement, Clarity, Equality and Sincerity when interacting with others, the outcome is all ways a good one. When one knows that it is only ever important to do no harm to others, one naturally starts to remember ones G.R.A.C.E.S. Even when one feels that another is acting a way that is not fair, kind, graceful or downright thoughtless, one can more likely benefit when one just allows that situation to be, and not to react in anger, resentment, frustration or disappointment. It really helps to just observe, and then let it all go. This way, one can still have visions of what outcome one would like to manifest, and accept that some things occur along the way when others are involved, which is all ways a co-creation, but in time, ones vision, using thoughts and feelings, will manifest. All in good and perfect timing.

Be patient, be kind, be respectful, be loving, be graceful, be YOU,

All ways.



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