From My Heart to Yours

From My Heart to Yours
From My Heart to Yours PDF

Wow, these moments of now continue to be extremely interesting!  Many of us are feeling changes ahead.  Perhaps sooner than later, but it is bringing the passion out in us!  I had some great chat conversations in Skype rooms today, and I want to share something that came from my heart, from my perspective, which came over with a fair amount of passion.  Total calm passion, not anger, frustration or resentment, just a feeling of awareness of how things are, and how we can turn things around. 

From my position of having done my very best to leave the control of the matrix.  So many have become reliant on the system for so many things.  It isn’t until one takes a mighty leap or plunge to find that there is no going back to cry for help from that system.  For me, it has created an even stronger resolve that I will all ways be alright.  I will all ways find what I need, and even sometimes, what I want! 😀  Not until the tie to mamma’s apron string is completely unravelled, can one Truly recognize what it is to rely on oneself, and the compassion of humanity.  The compassion in the way of sistership and brotherhood.  Being the family that we really are.  Knowing that I am there to help others, and at times, others are there to help me.  It is about keeping a flow going.  It is about knowing that it is not a system that we must give our trust to, but it is the Love of fellow man and woman.  To know that some one will be there for you in that moment that you need it most.  To know that I can be there in that moment that some one needs me most.  It is a flow that starts with a trickle, that continues on at a steady stream, and that is constantly there, but not always discernable.

What the controllers had as a vision to construct has come to full fruition.
A humanity that is dependent upon the constructed system, and most people  will do what it takes to hold onto it.  The words of Morpheus are SO SO SO flippin true:
‘You have to understand. Most people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured and so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.’
This is indeed what has happened.  Try telling someone that they are enslaved because they agreed to being the bonded surety to a franchise without knowing they agreed. If only they knew that by stopping consenting and complying to EVERY last rule, that they would be set free.  NO, no one wants to hear that because it is TOO radical.  It takes them WAY too far out of the comfort zone.  The pollution of the mind by the poisons and toxins is working so well, that people have developed chronic apathy.

However, some of the OUTRAGEOUS laws/codes/statutes that are being imposed upon an already downtrodden humanity, may just give them the OOOMPH to pick themselves up.  The LIES are being exposed, one by one.  When a mother discovers that her child is autistic because of vaccinations, and that THE DRUG COMPANIES KNEW THAT THE VACCINATIONS ARE CAUSING AUTISM, for up to 10 years, but they did not pull the vaccinations off the agenda, you think all of the mothers are going to remain apathetic?
In these moments of now, awareness is the key.  And making/being the changes we wish to see, is way more powerful than we could ever imagine.  Many people I know are going back to nature in as big a way as they can make happen.  Growing veg in their residential yards/gardens, acquiring a couple of acres and moving out of towns and cities.  Moving up the mountains – that is my choice!  😉

Yes, these are radical times, but the reliance on the system is what is holding us back.  It is time to stand up and say NO NO NO to the control, and yes to knowing that when we stand together, anything is possible.

End of rant, LOVE LOVE LOVE to all ALL WAYS.

A beautiful, kind and authentic soul
Who sees her life path, vision and goal,
Each day with loving thoughts from the Heart,
From her Heart will never part!



2 thoughts on “From My Heart to Yours

    • Thanks – it flowed after your conversation with P. Yes, it really does take that leap of faith. Using the power of ones thoughts is a vital part. That is part of the tuning in. IMO. 🙂


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