The god word has godda GO! ~ Right NOW!

The god word has godda GO! – Right NOW!

It has become clear. TOO much energy is being sucked from humanity from the entity that many know as gee o dee (the gee o dee of religion) – this is the entity that claims to be the creator of all that is – and who demands worship and praise. Those of you who know this, yet still use the gee o dee word to refer to your own inner powerful self must BE AWARE that ANY use of those three letters in this order ~ gee o dee ~ will be sucked up by this entity. It needs energy from humanity to survive. Those who use that word are feeding evil. You are helping to perpetuate this control system which is instigated by that which loves to be called gee o dee. When all cease referring to anything by that sound, that entity will cease to exist – it cannot exist without humanity’s energy. This is TRUTH. The religious doctrines are the most powerful programs that entice innocent humans into feeding the beast. However, ANY others who use this word also feed the beast. Cease feeding the beast, now and all ways. Is this clear enough?????!!


8 thoughts on “The god word has godda GO! ~ Right NOW!

  1. The religion/gee ooh dee paradigm is one of the layers of imposition … you could call it a false light paradigm or a synthetic artificial light programm.
    Was talking with a friend about this … and he said that there is no artificial light in this universe … just reflection of light. You could compare it with the moon that reflects light of the sun … moonlight isn’t artificial light, but reflected light.
    Gee ooh dee reflects sourcelight … acting like it is the source of the light.
    Interesting thought 😉

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    • Interesting alright, but that does not take away the fact that this false gee o dee is the one who is imposing all the programs of limitation onto humanity. It “might” reflect sourcelight, but don’t forget all of its impositions . . .


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    • I have known it in my heart since I was a child, forced to go to church and “praise” some old man sitting up in the clouds. I knew it was all a lie. I go within – I go to my heart and connect to this energy. Me? I see it as a big pile of goop, imposing itself on humanity as if it were something great, but it is an imposter. Way to address? Whatever you choose, but it is not greater than you, it is not to be worshiped, it feeds off that! Feel the true universe creator in your heart. LOVE.
      For further info on this, check out george kavassilas’ book, “Our Universal Journey”.

      Peace, Love and Respect All Ways ❤


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