The Perfection of Perception

I have been experiencing many synchronicities lately – conversations about a certain subject are followed by my saying – wait, I just wrote something about this!!!!! It happened with this one!!

The Perfection of Perception
Perception of reality is simply that – ones conscious perception. The rest of the equation goes beyond the physical reality. Once one becomes AWARE that all is NOT as it appears, THEN one’s PERCEPTION changes. There are so many more possibilities. One can keep one’s mind OPEN to multiple possibilities. This allows for contemplation using one’s greater/inner/higher big self. When one goes to this part, then one’s perception changes to being far more open to the possibility that what one “sees” as “reality” may be an illusion. I say, [though], – to you, you must fear not, not even one single jot, because the things you tend to fear are things that are not even HERE!

Go into your heart, ask it – that part which is your soul – “what is my reality?”. Become comfortable with that which you hear. Use it for your growth and stay in your Free Forward Motion.

OK?!!  😉

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