This journey here on earth is unique for each and every one of us beautiful beings. We experience change as we move along through every single happening and circumstance. When we allow any thing in our experience, then anything is possible. Many morph from the caterpillar into the butterfly when we set ourselves free from conditioning, programming and feelings of unworthiness, helplessness and wounded emotions. When we open our views to being able to create with our thoughts, then we reach our true potential. Taking a big breath and then accepting the unknown is powerful – we become whole.

Journeys are a series of experiences. We are here on some sort of journey and a journey is a series of experiences. Experiences are the way we gain truth and pure knowledge. Therefore, journeys are the catalyst to true knowledge. If we do not go on any journeys, then we do not have much hope of finding any real knowledge and truth. Stepping out of the comfort zone and into the unknown opens doors for growth and knowledge beyond all imagination. When we also open our heart-mind, we open the floodgates for all possibilities. What a ride!!!


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