Focus, Faith and Fantastic Experiences – To Transcend the Chaos!

Focus Faith and Fantastic Experiences

Focus Faith and_Fantastic Experiences PDF

Now that I have found (part of) my Tribe, and a part of Earth to live on, what can I best focus on for the greatest good for humanity?

—> In each moment of now, use focus – focus on that which is paramount for one’s heart desired experiences. You see, each one is part of the whole. It is paramount to feel the joy, the fun, the satisfaction, and the serenity of interacting with the one who created the true reality, to aid humanity back to our humaneness. Keeping our energy high with laughter and creativity is one of the best things we can do.

To focus on one’s vision is the same as using intention to manifest. To see how to best injoy the in body experience – one is IN body so why not make the best of it? – is to truly see life as it is meant to be.

—> Find your vision, focus upon it, have faith that one can indeed manifest it ~ and know that fantastic experiences are forthcoming!

—> Next, remember all ways your Triple A of Life.
Awareness of what has been created by those less than benevolent energies is a key component to continuing through to ones vision manifestation. The awareness and acceptance of “what is”, helps one move beyond it. Some have work to do in this area. That which one puts focus on, is what one brings forth into manifestation. However, ignoring “what is” can enable stealthy attacks and dis-ease. Therefore, keeping an awareness of what is occurring is vital to the health of all of ones bodies – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Acknowledgment of one’s awareness is also important. Acknowledging the brilliance of what has occurred is another important part of the process of transcending the chaos that has been created. Having ill energy toward any occurrence, or any other being, will only create more of the same. It is not a case of condoning it, but of acknowledging its part in the play.

Appreciation is the third component to ensure one uses in order to continue one’s free forward motion to one’s vision and ultimate inflowment. Each life experience is a building block to where one is, and to where one is going. When one can look back in awe of the list of uncomfortable, difficult and downright miserable experiences one has had, then one is ready to transcend the chaos and experience the fantastic and previously unimaginable!

Hold the focus, keep the faith ~ and experience the fantastic.
Is it a dream? Perhaps it is the route through the veil into the true Earth . . . . .

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