On Consumption

On Consumption

On Consumption PDF

On Consumption

We have found ourselves in a reality that is all consuming.  As we observe all around us, we can see that animals and plants are also consuming in some way. 

What if we – none of us – were meant to consume one another?  What if it started with the imposition of a program whereby we started to believe that we need to consume to survive?  What if we really don’t have to, but that it is our belief that we do?  What if we changed our programs of belief and started to move back into our original state of having the ability to create energy from Earth, Sun and Oxygen?  What if we take out the plants and animals from the equation and create the energy ourselves, and just share life and living with the plants and animals?

What about taking back our extra sensory powers and using them for good and to heal the planet.  To communicate with one another across distance as well as to transport our physical bodies to where we want to be.   We are natural creators and we can create anything we choose, if only we would let go of limiting beliefs and use our abilities.
Let’s do it!

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