So, What IS Freedom?

So what IS freedom

So, What IS Freedom PDF

So, what IS freedom, and where do we find it?  What does respect have to do with it?

Freedom is a state found within. One can only be truly free when one is free within one’s own heart and mind.  So, what is freedom?  It is a place for one to be, as mentioned above, within, and not necessarily physically.  It is unique to each and every one.  The most important factor, in order to be free, is to have full self-respect, self responsibility and self-love, and to live in *heartacioius *inflowment. 

Without these, one cannot be free.  Freedom is a place where one feels and experiences *heartaciousness.  It is a place of honour and peace within.  It is a place where energy flows and love and kindness goes.   It is where one shares with others and with oneself, when in those moments of now, one feels compelled to do so – just because.  As well as respecting oneself, one respects all around which brings one to a state of *inflowment.   Freedom means all ways doing what one chooses and being ones true authentic self in every moment of now.  Freedom means doing no thing in any moment of now as one so chooses. 

So why freedom and respect?
One cannot have one without the other – so long as one is fully aware of everyone and everything around one – one’s physicality and around one’s spiritual self.
In this moment of now, I choose freedom and respect, and now I create it.

Heartacious:  Without limit; unlimited

 Inflowment:  Living in balanced, harmonious flow, with respect for all around you

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