Current Crypto Currency and Ideas For New Ways of Xchange

New Ways of Xchange

Current Crypto Currency and Ideas For New Ways of Xchange PDF

OK, so here are my thoughts on the current move from the controlling, debt based currencies/money toward the use of online crypto currencies.

Like many people, I am in favour of moving as far away as possible from using any and all debt based money, which is backed by bonded sureties – those being you and me, and the rest of us who have cleverly and deceitfully been placed as bonded surety to the debt/money/slave system.

The idea of creating our own means of exchange is most encouraging – to agree on something that can represent products and services as value is a really good idea. Once we create some level of agreement as to what is worth what, then it can easily move forward, for example —> a dozen eggs could be exchanged for 3-4 value coins for example, or a gallon of gasoline could go for 2-3 value coins. An hour of my expert help, 20 value coins or “VC’s” perhaps? Simple, indeed. Cut out any middle men and go peer to peer, via an online platform accessed by phone or computer. What else could we need?

We could start by acquiring the VC’s by creating an account and offering products and/or services for exchange. Straight off, by creating the account, one acquires x number of VC’s. When you list a product or service, you get x number of VC’s. From there, just start exchanging with others. Get agreement from shipping companies to take these VC’s too. This way, we can exchange all over the world eventually.

This type of token of exchange never fluctuates in value – nothing changes it. No shortage, no element of supply and demand – it is simply a token of exchange. There is no possibility of trading these Value Coins and making more and hence, no possibility of anyone losing – so what I am saying is NO GAMBLING!

There is NO NEED to gamble, we all have something to give – we are the value. One simply offers ones services or products for exchange. When we introduce trading into the mix, you get competition and greed and control, which is the whole situation that fucked up things in the old system. Those with more were able to manipulate the system and the numbers, and win and win and win, while those who needed the most, lost the most.

Think about it, WE ARE THE VALUE, nothing happens without us doing what we do. If we are the value, by gambling the Value Coins, you are doing the same as gambling yourself, not just the shirt off your back or your car or your watch, but your very beingness. You wouldn’t gamble yourself would you? You do not need to gamble yourself because you are the value. You always have value because you ARE the value.

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