Welcome to JollyGoodSense.me

Here is a place that I share my writings from my big self including pomes from the heart.

I like to share the wisdom that comes to me from the bigger part of me.  It continues to astonish me that I can access this wisdom, having for so long had no trust in myself to have any wisdom whatsoever!!

You will find much wisdom here too!

Peace, Love and Respect All Ways.

SWR EP36 Banner NLListen to my conversation with george kavassilas on his SuperWoo Radio, where I told my story and shared the truth of the legal name fraud.

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Jolly Geri, I went to SuperWoo Radio and heard your show tonight, which was so uplifting, I can’t say enough about! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR POMES!!! They brought tears several times! I want to primarily express my great pleasure of listening to you chat with George, and will visit all of the websites you listed! I also wanted to hear more about your life around horses. I would have enjoyed hearing more about your experiences and relationship you developed with the horses, and if the oppressive experience of 18 yrs under the thumb of such a dominating, slave-driving woman, soured your relationship with the horses at all. I thought of the irony in contrast to my own experiences.

    I’ve been a horse lover since I first saw a picture of one (about 3 yrs), and have the greatest respect and awe for people who’ve had the good fortune to devote themselves to developing skills and relationships with horses. My mother was raised on a horse farm, but didn’t like the ‘kind of people who hang around horse stables’, so I was kept from any relationship with horses until I graduated from high school. My passion was deep, but without any guidance, obtaining my 1st horse at 17 yrs old, I had difficulty riding and understanding them very deeply, which was very frustrating because of my deep love & affection for them. Finally, after a career as a songwriter/singer/musician, which took me on tour from Hawaii, to New York to Cleveland, Los Angeles and Nashville, I returned home to Ohio and purchased a sweet little farm in Ohio near Amish. At 40 yrs old, I purchased a Morgan colt in Nashville. When he was 3, I met a man near my new farm, and his family. He was an advanced-level marathon carriage driver, took me under his wing and trained both my horse & I to drive. Now (at 64 yrs old) I have 2 Morgan driving horses and 1 Clydsdale X Morgan driving horse, and live in Northern New Mexico mountains with my husband, dogs, 4 horses and 2 parrots! My trainer friend also moved to New Mexico and comes to visit and drive a few times a year (I puchased his marathon carriage and his Meadowbrook cart…both of which he built). It was he who saw my passion for horses, and I was a very porous sponge as a student! I am now loving and enjoying them, and they enjoying me to the hilt, thanks to my dear friend’s guidance, and have lived my life-long dream of a country girl for the past 30 years. It seems the passions we have as children never leave us. The mountains, wildlife, horses and the critters I’m caretaker of, combined with inner spiritual peace and daily attention to spirituality are a constant source of gratitude for me. I also tend to seek truth of how this evil empire came to be, going deeply down that rabbit hole, so when you spoke of “Balance”, I said “You Bet”! Without balance, I would be a basket case! Keep up the GREAT work and attitude Jolly Geni Jones! You’re a very special and bright light in this world. Thank you!


    • Thank you so very much for your comments Paula. You asked about my relationships with horses due to the treatment by the woman I got myself stuck with – over those years, I was never really able to love any of the horses because for one, if I would show I even liked one, that one would be condemned (her mother did that to her if she loved her pony) and secondly, all the horses were only with us for short periods because they were all for sale, so I didn’t let myself really love any of them. However, where I am now, I have been caring for these horses for almost 10 years and I love them all deeply, particularly Chippee who you see in the picture jumping – he is my avatar horse!! I am so glad that you were able to fulfill your childhood dreams and have horses and other animals in your life – animals are such a joy to have in our lives. Thanks again for listening and I am glad you liked my pomes!! I love to share them.
      Peace, Love and Respect All Ways


  2. so glad I ‘found’ your site! love what you are doing! hoping you won’t mind emailing me your mailing address again – want to send you the cold packs but for some reason when i tried to mail them to you the box was returned as unable to locate or some such…. thanks for all you do! for self and all (smile) given (dot) cynthia (at) his (dot) com

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    • Oh great cynthia and thanks, I’m glad that you like what I am doing – I am finding my true authentic self and I listen to my “Big ME” and share what that aspect of me shares. I will email you. 🙂


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