Being Human

Being Human

I Love my life, I’m in my heart,
I’ve Loved from my heart right from the start.
I feel it now, I feel it then
I feel it again and again and again!!

Life is good, It’s quite the trip!
It makes me want to hop and skip!
So I do, the whole day through,
And I do the things I LOVE to do!!

Some days I want to just create
All sorts of fun things, I must not wait
To express what makes me – me
To be me is how I can be free!

I Love my friends and it’s not hard to see,
I Love all humanity!!
Some are lost and search for the way,
I’m here to help them every day!!

Some days things happen to help me learn,
Some seem not good, but in turn
I see the good in each experience,
My desire to learn never relents!

Being Human is oh, such fun
I’m feeling that the real fun has only just begun!
We’re taking back our freedom, no more games
With the controllers, when we have no names!!!

Let’s now remember who we are.
We are beautiful beings, we are stars!
Keep in Love, share from the heart,
Each one of us is a work of art!!

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