The Imposition of All Time

The Imposition of All Time

To impose means to introduce something that must be obeyed or done.
Imposition means the action of imposing something; something imposed and felt to be unfair.


So, to impose something upon another means to introduce something that must be obeyed. Obeyed without agreement by the other. This is what legal laws, statutes and codes are. Until the critical mass of humans fully comprehend this, we are stuck with a heap of rules, laws, statutes and codes that are not agreed to by any of us. By not challenging these, consent is assumed. Oh, there we go – another one of those words – consent. Consent means to agree to or give permission to another.

OK, so here we have an imposition which is assumed to be consented to unless the other states that he/she does not consent. Since when does this make any sense whatsoever?? Why are we allowing assumption of our consent? Because we are consenting by not challenging. Having a realization of this truth is huge. To recognize that we are only acting out of conditioning and that what has been imposed upon us is not lawful, is a mighty step toward taking back our creator given freedom and rights to live here on earth mother in perfect inflowment.

The imposition via the legal system with its supposed laws, rules, statutes and codes has to be rejected by all. This is a great step for humanity. However, there is imposition from another level. This imposition starts with the true controller and its minions. The geodee of religion is the being who has started this imposition upon humanity. There is a great deal of envy of humanity and geodee created this system via its religion to control and limit humanity. We as humans are powerful beings, but we have forgotten how powerful we truly are and we are living within these limits until we refuse to recognize them. When we step away from the conditioning and control we can start to rebuild our abilities as powerful co-creators with universe creator.

What too many have been duped into believing has to be exposed as lies. The geodee of religion is not, I repeat not the creator of this universe or of all that is and all that will be. This is totally false and a huge lie. The geodee of religion is an impostor and is the instigator of this imposition upon humanity. True universe creator is all loving and created this universe for us to co-create with it and to live in balanced, harmonious flow with respect for all around us. The geodee of religion is an imposing impostor!!! Interesting how those two words slide together quite nicely isn’t it?!! It is time for humanity to see the truth and to stop paying our energy into this imposing impostor and to take back our energy and use it from within our consciousness to return to our inherent nature of knowing how to live in peace and harmony with each other and all other kingdoms on our earth mother. Universe creator does not ask for worship or praise. Universe creator does not ask for anything, but is a giving, loving being who just wishes to share this amazing creation with us, humanity, which is it’s chosen representation.

Having these realizations is the first step to taking back our creator given freedoms to express ourselves in any way we choose and to living here on this abundant planet in any way we see fitting with the planet’s own inflowment. All of this is natural to us when we lose the conditioning and take back our natural ways of being and doing. To help achieve critical mass and to take back our freedom, the first step is to realize who you really are – not just this little physical body, but a beautiful soul on a journey as a traveling spirit, using the human vessel as just that – a vessel in which to navigate the physical reality here on planet earth. Next, lose anything legal and that means lose the legal name which is an enormous imposition and is the main thing that is controlling you in this physical reality. From here, trust the universe to guide and protect you as you teach others by example as to who we truly are and what we can do, be, have and create here on our beloved earth mother. Names are not who we are, bodies are not who we are. Go within your heart and listen to the truth.   Now and all ways.


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