This is from a sharing from my big self in April this year.  I was looking through my notebook where I handwrite messages that I catch, and this one sprang out and I knew I needed to share it here today. 

It is said that those who walk the path of destruction and despair can never find the way to fulfillment.  This is because being destructive and full of despair allows no energy at all to move in the direction of growth and ultimate enligtenment and fulfillment.  When one opens ones eyes, ears and heart, one then can begin to realize the opportunities that lie out there.  Be not still for too long once restful moments are completed.  Ponder for a while and then go ahead and take some action in alignment with your thoughts, ideas and inspirations.  Worry not about what others say aboout what you do.  Stay in full integrity and then  move forth to that full realizaton of what it is you choose to create.  Stay strong and in your power.  Be you – yes YOU.  The one that you truly ARE.  Never attempt to be someone you are not – especially for another’s pleasure.  Choose wisely.  Every action and thought is a choice.  Be aware and know why you do what you do – ALL WAYS.

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