Humanity is Flippin Beautiful

This is a message to all humanity. Humans are beautiful. We are Loving. We are kind. We Love to give and we Love to receive. We are creative. We are each unique with a unique purpose. All of our experiences are excellent lessons for our growth.

When we Love, respect and trust each other, and we live in harmony and balance with all around us, we reach a state of inflowment. When in the state of inflowment it is simple to observe the one lore for humanity – “do no harm”. When we step out of programs and conditioning where we strive to be “normal” we can then find our true selves and we can BE who we truly ARE. When we use kindness, respect and natural law, we are in a state of inflowment with love for all around us.

Life here on planet Earth is amazing. Just look around and see what has been created. We are all magnificent creators just like creation itself, and we are all capable of creating such wonder. Stop. Feel in your Heart. Know who you really ARE!

Just sit with yourself – not with empty mind, but with contemplative mind. Ask your Higher, Inner, Big self – who AM I?? Listen for the answers. Allow them to come. Listen and FEEL the replies come to you. Remember that You are magnificent.

You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are worthy. You are strong. You are Power. You are Light. You are Love, you are Bright!!!

All ways remember:

Freedom is your divine right,
Keep it always within your sight.
Freedom gives you peace and Love and joy,
And your inner power you can then EN joy.

Be Free in mind and spirit and heart,
Know that your life is a work of art.
Be creative ~ and love what you DO,
And realize what is special about being YOU!

I once wrote:

Let’s break the pattern of copy cats
And PLEASE let’s stop talking in numbers and stats.
Let’s be ourselves, different from the rest,
And in our unique selves feel truly BLESSED!!

See your light and feel its power,
Feel it through each and every hour.
Embrace the dark and live in the Light,
And Love everyone with all of your might!!

Look within, feel who you are,
You are a wonder, you are a star.
Find your true self, chock full of love,
Be that pure soul you’ve been dreaming of!

***Music Canyon Dreams by Ah Nee Mah, album Spirit of the Canyon.

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