In This Moment of NOW

Today, I am sharing with you two messages that came from big me separated by about 4 days.  They intermingle with each other, so I am posting them together.   🙂

Yes, it is now. In this moment, it is vital to acknowledge that only this moment exists in time. Past is gone. Future may never exist, it is only a figment of imagination. The only time that is real – is NOW. This is a very good and reassuring knowing for human BEings because much of their moments of now are spent considering moments that are gone and about moments that may never occur. Therefore it is most wise to live in the moment of now. It is OK to acknowledge past moments that contributed to creating this particular moment of now, but not to dwell on any. As to imaginations of future moments, simply intend any moments that you wish to experience and send them off into creations womb and allow that imagination , or something better, to flow into a moment of now. For now, be aware of all around you. acknowledge all that is helpful to your growth, be in appreciation for it and then simply languish in contentment, for this is perfect, now and all ways.

The only thing we know for sure is that – like it or not – we are powerful beyond measure – way beyond. The one thing that humans falter on is acceptance of this truth. You see, if humanity were to – 1 accept this truth, 2 actually acknowledge it, 3 become fully aware of this truth, 4 act upon it and 5 appreciate this, then SO many things would change for the better on planet earth. One thing that this one would like to impress upon you all is that it is only FEAR of reverting back to this way of being that stops its happening. Today, in this very moment of now, accept, acknowledge, become aware, act and appreciate this Truth! Do not falter on this one any more. DO embrace this knowing and use it for good. This is not a joke or wishful thinking, this is Truth. Remember, you do not need this one to tell you this – you KNOW this from within your own spirit. All ways!!

2 thoughts on “In This Moment of NOW

    • Yes indeed schulzie – we have been so programmed to be thinking about what has happened and what might happen next, that we tend to forget to live in the here and NOW!! ❤

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