Absolute Freedom Declaration

Absolute Freedom Declaration

I am free, this is my declaration,
Now is the time for man to fly free from the mind dome.
The people on earth are one and are free,
To do what we do and to be who we be!

I am one with the people, we are co-custodians with earth,
We have all been this every day since our birth.
We are eternal essence, embodied, we have no limits,
Planet earth is our home, we need no license nor permits.

The creator is all loving, eternal essence, absolute,
It is impossible for this to refute.
Together we establish, serve and protect peace and unity,
And the right to free will choice. We live in love and harmony.

We are absolutely free and we live in abundance,
We own our own bodies and each day we enhance
Our very own value by nurturing our home
Our beloved earth mother where we freely roam.

I am what I am and I am free to do and be,
Yes, I am alive in this body, happy and carefree.
And we are all free for ourselves to speak,
Although we’re connected, we are each unique!!

I uphold natural law with full responsibility,
By free will choice, I use simple transparency.
When we harm no other, all actions are permissible,
One must respect all others free will choice, this is undeniable.

I serve my fellow man in every moment of now,
As living man and as soul, this is my free will vow.
We choose inflowment ~ that’s respect, harmony and peace,
Outside control and oppression forever has ceased.

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