N.A.M.E. = Not A Momentous Event

N.A.M.E = Not A Momentous Event!

Holy flippin crackoloni!! Sometimes, just too much information comes into one’s awareness!! Is it too much? Only if one allows it to become troublesome and not useful. I have found that more and more, I can discern, by using my natural intuition, what is useful for me to read/listen to, and what is not.

Interestingly, just lately, new information came forth – some that was very useful to listen to and comprehend. I am really glad to get to know how and why LEGAL NAME became the one thing that enslaves humanity to a system that is set to do just that, keep humanity in slavery – forever. Or so it thought. Its clever, conniving, sly, sneaky, deceitful and downright dastardly plan has been uncovered and exposed. You see, we – yes we humanity – are pretty darn clever too. We have become tired of being controlled, bossed and ordered around. We have become tired of seeing what is being done to our fellow humans by the system. So we went to task to find out how and why. Sure, we’ve stumbled and fallen down a bunch of dead-end alleys and we’ve barked up a few wrong trees, but now, we gotcha!! And you know who you are!!!

So, the next thing to decide, is how exactly to deal with the truth. How to make changes here on earth in this reality that we call life. The simple truth, which has been explained by some super smart sleuths, and mentioned above, is that the LEGAL NAME is the one thing that enslaves humanity in, and sticks us to, the system. It has been worked out how the Catholic church has laid claim to the entire human race – so long as you have a birth certificate, you are claimed by the Catholic church and the Pope.

Some very wise people have worked out how to negate this claim and to take back their own body/mind/spirit by using the system’s own rules. Brilliant!  This can be the solution for many, in my opinion. It can free the body at least from abuse and control by the system and its order followers. And some may be really comfortable doing this, and I fully respect that.

However, and there is all ways a however, because I fully recognize that there is no single way perfect for all. No, there is not a one size fits all. Not for me anyway. My way or the highway? NO. My way, your way, his way, her way, their way, whatever! The other way is to just say NO, to say that we do not recognize, nor will we EVER recognize the system, or anything to do with it. We do not comply with their rules, laws, codes or statutes. We only recognize Natural Lore ~ Do No Harm. We do not recognize “authority” or “authority figures” and we certainly do not recognize a LEGAL NAME, nor do we ever use one.

What is so important about a NAME?? Being given a name is absolutely Not A Momentous Event for the one receiving the name.

When we come into this reality, when we are born, being given a name is not even close to being important, let alone momentous. It is irrelevant and in fact, we are oblivious to it! We don’t know what “our name” is, we don’t know what our mother’s “name” is. We don’t even know that “names” exist!! No. Getting a N.A.M.E. is Not A Momentous Event. It is an unimportant and irrelevant event. When we realize this, AND we all stand and say, NO MORE of this, no more of this control by telling us that because we have a name, we are subject to rules. Name, or no name, we are not subject to any rules. We only recognize natural lore. For as long as we recognize anything to do with any sort of system, it will continue. When we stop complying and stop recognizing its fictitious authority, it is no more. End of.

You see, the Pope and the Vatican think they own you because the clever trick was to tell all parents they have to get a birth certificate for their baby, and this gives the Catholic Church ownership. Who is the boss of the Catholic Church? Goop, as I like to (with tongue in cheek) call it, is the boss of the Catholic church. Some might more often call it geodee or (GOD). It is the instigator of all of this. It is an impostor, with its imposition on humanity. Plain and simple. So, the next step after realizing that we must stop complying and stop recognizing any state or system as authority, is to connect with Goop, and to let it know that you complete, dissolve and extinguish all previous contracts with it, its minions, including its earthly ruling elite. This is a VERY IMPORTANT step, in fact, it is the MOST important step because we need to let Goop know that its imposition is not accepted and we take back all self responsibility and know that there is no one, NO ONE above us. Not now, not EVER.

When this happens, fully from the heart and soul, it is done.






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