Flowing Into Significant Change

Flowing into Significant Change
Flowing into Significant Change PDF

In this moment of now, it is so very exciting to be alive in this amazing physical body. There is much, and little, to do all at once, in this same moment of now. You see, whenever it feels vital to be doing some thing, at that exact same moment, it is important to be doing no thing!! This makes the perfect balance of some thing and no thing all at once. Yes indeed, it is also a paradox. But don’t you love the odd paradox as you wander through these moments of inspiration, and change? Change is a good thing because it disallows stagnation and this is good because that which stagnates starts to stink. That which starts to stink is not popular. Something that is not popular rarely can make significant change.

What is needed right now is significant change. To create this change, we need the popular feeling to be for one of anarchy and complete self responsibility which will lead to freedom. Therefore, let us sing, dance, run, jump, smile, laugh sing, play music. When we raise the vibration on earth, everything and every one comes back to life – true life. Not the existence that has been experienced by many, no, real true life as it was intended by creation. Life whereby we need not rely on any thing beyond our own internal, infinite soul essence to sustain our physical bodies. Life whereby we do not consume any thing on this beautiful planet we call home. Open your eyes and ears, and above all, open your mind and ultimately, your all knowing, all loving heart and soul to see the way out of the matrix and into the dimensions of all possibility, of beauty, of love and of course – of grace. It is time.

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