Experiencing Extremes 2

Balance PDF

There are many things in life that can create the difference between a relatively easy life experience, and one that is fraught with troubles. One of the things that helps is to keep in balance. When one tends to be at extremes whether it be excess or lack, then one is more and more likely to experience difficulties along the way. When one chooses balance, then one is likely to get into flow and find that most things generally work out the way that is agreeable and most importantly, comfortable.
You see, the human is forever seeking comfort. While we enjoy our balanced share of challenge, ultimately, what we dream of is comfort. Comfort brings joy, satisfaction, peace and then of course, Love. Like it or not, even though it is comfort that we seek, and are entitled to, we do need to have some sort of challenge along the way. This is part of who we are as humanity. We have too much creative desire to just be sitting around in permanent comfort and joy!! The odd challenge spices up the physical life experience. In addition to this, it is vital to be aware that a balance of both earthly and spiritual experience is needed to make the whole journey worthwhile – on every level. By this, I mean that our life experience in the physical body is only part of the equation. When one can comprehend that one is more than just the physical body, and that we are souls traveling multiple universes, then we can start to get in balance with our earthly experiences. It is then that we can start to comprehend what we are doing here. Keeping a balance in every area of our physical and spiritual experience guides us in the direction of completing each step, and each part of the journey. Remember, awareness, acknowledgment and appreciation of all of this helps us grow and learn in every moment of now.
There is one remaining hurdle on planet earth for humanity to get over. A leap is the best method to complete this. This remaining hurdle is to wake from an imposed slumber and to recognize the trickery that has been perpetrated on humanity. A system of slavery has been imposed and few have noticed that what is going on has not been consented or agreed to. Genius programs of limitation and control have been imposed and they have been around for so long that most cannot see them restricting almost everything, which ultimately prevents reaching the desired comfort. It has become “normal” to accept that the system and those who run it have authority and that the rules, laws and statutes are to be obeyed. None of this is what was created by creation/universe creator. Step back and look at the reality of this, and look at the insanity. Much of humanity is deluded because of these programs. Recognize that all of us, know how to behave around our human family – to respect each other. Stop, feel in your heart, know who you really are. Stop the madness and move back into inflowment with your fellow humans – brothers and sisters all of us. Live in grace and love.
Now and all ways.


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