Self Authority

Self Authority

One thing that is paramount for us to recognize. We are only and all ways our own authority. Yes, all ways. There is no other who has authority over any one of us. Every being is self governed with self responsibility and the sooner we all acknowledge and accept this, the sooner we will find our way to inflowment in every way on this earth plane as well as on every plane in this universe. If any other attempts to assert authority over you at any moment of now, be sure to stand up and say: “No. No one has authority over M/E because I am my own authority and I am self responsible. I look to no other to be responsible for any of my thoughts, actions or beingness, therefore, there is no other who can claim authority over M/E.“ The time is now for us to each recognize, acknowledge and accept this into our reality. Next, access our inherent, intrinsic, natural power and use it in full benevolence, creativity and Love. Soon, we find ourselves moving on to live simple, living, loving and joyful lives.

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