BE Creative – yes, NOW!

Humanity holds a powerful defense to the impositions which have been causing us to forget who and what we are. The impositions of programs of control and limitation can be stopped and their effects reversed in a way that can be actually fun and enjoyable. My Big Self repeatedly tells me to ”Hop, skip, run, jump, laugh, grin, giggle” and in one writing it went on to say: ”whatever feels good in every moment of now, for this will add to the good and positively powerful vibrations.”

Recently, I had this knowing and realization. When we become exceedingly creative, with our art, music, dancing, writing, poetry etc, then this creates an energy that surpasses and negates the energies that feed the controllers – yes, creative energy, (enough of it), negates the energy created by F.E.A.R. which is what feeds those who wish to control us. Defy the programs, the rules, the limitations. Do no harm, but do have fun. Do play music. Do dance. Do play. Do Laugh. Laughter is the MOST powerful tool we have. When we share our creative abilities for the FUN of it, rather than for commerce, we create powerful energy, too powerful for those who are not fully human and humane!!! 😉

This is a great example.

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