There must all ways be time for contemplation. Without contemplation, one is stuck in a place of complete ignorance and lack of openness. With this ever changing “reality”, one cannot rely on a certain “belief system” and then stick to it. If one does that, one is the same as being stuck in deep, sticky mud after the winter snow and freeze thaws. Spring into action as the new season arrives. Allow time to contemplate and then take a leap – spring into those actions, the ones that feel right and good. Remember to have FUN along the way! Adventure is an important part of your life experience. Much of humanity has forgotten this. Each one experiences “adventure” differently. Remind yourself of what is your own type of adventure. Remember why you embodied in this body you are currently in. Ponder for a while and soon you will KNOW. Remember to leave F.E.A.R. out of all equations. F.E.A.R. distorts everything. It is not real. Move into that space of grace and take things at whichever pace feels right in every moment of now. Smile – it feels GOOD ~ All Ways!  🙂

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