Different Dimensions?

Different Dimensions
Just a few words.

It is now a moment of superb thought integration with spiritual knowing. Heart soul essence is at the core of all of you. Remember all ways to go with that beautiful heart and listen to it sing its beautiful songs to you. Listen with very open mind and you will hear its messages.

Those who remember that they are not only a physical body, and know that they are eternal essence can use their knowings to integrate and balance their physical existence to enable them to reach inflowment. You see, when you can acknowledge these truths, then you can flow forth and enjoy the time that you are embodied on earth mother. All ways remember to talk to her. She asks for her humanity’s attention and for us to communicate regularly. She asks us to love her, and to let her go. In good time, she will move on and we who have been in inflowment with her, will flow with her into different dimensions. What a joy and wow, what an adventure.
Onwards, family, onwards.
Love All ways 🙂


2 thoughts on “Different Dimensions?

  1. We must always be aware of mother earth and it’s beauty that is here for us to enjoy. Never taking it for granted…many people don’t see the sunrise that comes up every day as they are heading out the door for work. Too busy to notice such things, sadly. Great post, Geri!

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    • Yes Barb – so many of us take her for granted – and some do not recognize that she is a living being. Awareness is key.
      Thanks for your great comments and for your support. ❤


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