What is this wisdom that we all hear so much about?

It is the one way of being and expressing your true, authentic, all knowing, all loving, whole and altogether beautiful self. It is about putting into use your experiences, choices and knowledge, and then allowing the mistakes you make be part of your growth and journey. It is about being all that you can be, it’s about doing your best, given the circumstances. It’s about making good decisions at times when it is important. It is about never regretting any one experience including the choices that led up to the experience.  

Feel the fear and do it anyway when you know that doing it is in your best and highest interest. It is also about saying “no” when it can be a tough word and action to choose. It’s about knowing where the balance is in that moment of now and to know when to experience the contrasts rather than the balance. Wisdom is about integrity and authenticity. Wisdom comes from deep within the heart and soul. Wisdom is grace, and grace is wisdom. Wisdom is you and me.



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