Acknowleging the Matrix – and choosing what to do next . . .

Acknowledging the Matrix

and choosing what to do next . . .

Thanks, but no thanks” – These are words I often use these days! You see – what I – being little m/e (magnetic electric) in this physical body with awareness that I am much more than just this physical human being – have come to recognize is that there is a massive amount of imposition happening all around us, and upon us!! It has all been achieved with a large amount of cunning and stealth. It is nothing short of brilliant – and genius. What I have also recognized is that it is important to refrain from anger and/or resentment upon learning of these schemes.

Once aware, I find it best to simply respond with “I do not consent to your imposition” and/or “Thanks, but NO thanks!” In a way, this sort of response throws the energies offering these contracts, for a bit of a loop!!!! The AI, minions, archons and malevolent entities are used to either COMPLIANCE OR RESISTANCE. To me, neither is an option. Acknowledgment, and then declining all offers are way more powerful. Remember, no other has authority over any of us. We have right to express ourselves in whatever/whichever manner we choose so long as we follow natural lore – do no harm.  Simply decline all offers to contract, unless you are fully aware that the offer is something you have asked for.

Next came my question to the BIG part of M/E, the all knowing eternal essence.

On a soul level, I made agreements with creation to incarnate here in this reality and to co-create and to have experiences in the physical. I was given right to inhabit freely here on Earth Mother.

At what point did creation agree to allow the matrix to take over here, whereby we as humans were “born into the matrix construct”? Did we ever agree to this imposition? If so, at what point? Could we be here in these moments of now to help/be part of removing/declining to contract/declining to accept these impositions – if we did not agree to them on any – and particularly on this level?!! → At what point can I – as a human – assert my right (as agreed at a soul level with creation) to choose how to express myself in human form?

I have been waiting for you to ask this very question. You see, it has been overlooked on many levels. You are here in your physical human body with all of the complications that are part and parcel of being in the human body – and more importantly, in the emotional body AND mental body – to put together pieces of a giant puzzle. It’s actually a lot of fun watching you/us all play with the pieces – especially when a few pieces go missing from time to time! Haha!   So, you have recognized the piece that you now call The Matrix. You call it that because it is not organic. It is a false construct. It was imposed upon humanity, yet allowed by creation. Its humanity is so resourceful and is all powerful – and capable – when you remember that you/we are all of these things. Now that you have recognized the imposition you can now say “NO” ~ “Thanks, but no thanks”/ “I do not consent to your imposition”. The realization that for the matrix system to hold its authority over you as humans, you must agree to be/use a LEGAL NAME is a very significant realization. People who become aware of this brilliant program and who simply say “No” to it will find themselves on a path out of the matrix.  However, just be sure to remember to acknowledge these knowings which came from the realizations, on every level. You must acknowledge
all levels of this deception.

These times, these moments of now are more important than many moments in recent times. Those of you who are embodied AND aware right here, right now have a mission and that mission is to share your knowings in your own unique ways. Keep it simple – which can be tricky when among those who think and see only in linear pattern. Find the most simple way to pass on your message – you each have skills and talents and even creative abilities you didn’t know you had – to do this. Allow the ideas and methods of delivering your message to just come to you.
You can do it!!!

At a soul level, we agreed to tests and to a particularly big test – that one is how to navigate and then to EXIT this matrix – determination will be very useful for this one!!







2 thoughts on “Acknowleging the Matrix – and choosing what to do next . . .

  1. Great blogs Geri, amazing words of wisdom, thought provoking and spoken with the truth for the good of all mankind, more and more people waking up bit by bit.
    Wonderful words sister!


    • Thanks so much – I am finally trusting my Big self to give me wise words!! Thanks for reading.
      Indeed more and more are awakening to truth!!
      Love All Ways sister ❤


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