Self Responsibility

Self Responsibility
Self Responsibility
Self Responsibility .PDF

To be self responsible means to be willing to accept that each one of us creates our own reality. The thoughts we think are the main contributing factor in creating our physical, mental and emotional experiences. How we feel about what we think about is another large contributing factor. Once this is accepted in ones life and one’s physical reality, one can then acknowledge the pure power and independence, or more like UN-dependence, this creates for us. When we recognize that we do not “need” any other to survive, then we are free. At this point, when we acknowledge again that we create our experiences in our lives, we know that we can choose whether or not to have others sharing these life experiences. You see, it is said “life is what you make it” and this is more true than most of us chose to believe! Until now!!

Now I know it to be true. Knowing that I am responsible for all that occurs in my life gives me freedom to make choices that I never dreamed I would be able to make. Gone is the waiting for this or for that before I can choose to do something. Now I have visions of what I choose to create and in some form, it appears in perfect timing.  I learn to be patient knowing that creation knows when to deliver. Knowing that only I can create how I feel has made me again know that I am responsible for how I respond to others. No one can “make” me feel bad, hurt or wrong. Only I can do that. Intentional or not, words delivered that could be interpreted as “hurtful” can only BE hurtful if I allow them to be. Percieved outside attacks, impositions or assumptions can be deflected with “Thanks, but no thanks” and/or “I do not consent to your imposition”.
Then I tell it:
“Cherio”.  😀



2 thoughts on “Self Responsibility

  1. Great post, Geri! It is so true that we create our own experiences and even whether we are happy or not. It comes within our thoughts and feelings. We choose to be positive or negative and then end up attracting that which you put out in the universe. Well said, Geri. Blessings!

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