Creating Positive Experiences

When we are aware and awake to what is happening around us, both in physical and spiritual realities, and if we keep breathing the life into ourselves, we have more positive experiences and fewer and fewer experiences that we do not enjoy. Being able to remain neutral in situations with others will keep the charge low and therefore harmony is the natural way of being. Laughing is one of the most powerful things that we humans can do. This is a gift to us and we can use it to heal ourselves – individually and as a whole. We can step into our power using it because it creates this powerful energy that can be used to create almost anything – it can only be used in benevolence. Being kind to everyone and every thing around us is the only way to get through earthly experiences when we would like to have good times. Get the balance of having challenging creative times with times of fun and laughter. You get what you give. It’s simple!!

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