More Clarity In These Moments of Now

Many things are becoming clear. Many things that once were simply accepted and not questioned. The systems of control which have been imposed upon humanity are weakening. Even though it looks dire, awareness of the truth is spreading. More and more are seeing the truth for what it is and the lies for what they are! We can help by spreading information far and wide. Short phrases and statements will really help to open eyes. It is a good time to start a campaign to help open some more eyes and importantly, minds and hearts. Love is here for all if only they accept it and say yes. Freedom is here if only we stand up and say NO to the programs of control. No to the imposition. No to the abductions and incarcerations. No to the coercion. No to extortion. No to all outside authority for all authority outside oneself is fiction, fraud and deception. Stand tall, stand in truth for freedom and love. This will bring forth peace, harmony and beautiful inflowment for all.

To continue on the never-ending subject of awareness, it is important to put out to all listeners and readers that if we are to regain our creator given freedom to live at will on the planet known as Earth, we must, must MUST be aware that not all is visible – not all that is causing the systems of control can be seen. Know and be aware that there is an entity that claims it is powerful and it will lead you to believe that it is. It is there, but it is nowhere near as powerful as it makes out to be. Therefore, be aware that you can all ways respond to its offers (to contract) with “Thanks, but no thanks” “I do not consent to your contracts and impositions.” This is So simple, This is all it takes for you to become free. Non consent, non compliance. Peacefully and gracefully decline and move forward in your own free forward motion to create that life which you choose to create and reach inflowment. Yep 🙂

* Letting go of the Legal Name is the fastest way to find your freedom.  Check out for more information as well as for much information on the Legal Name Fraud.

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