High Energy!

One of the most important things to do now is to get completely in our OWN unique places of integrated power. This is our own authentic self power which is the very thing that we must be in touch with to stand in truth here in the 3D reality in which we find ourselves. To live and love in the pureness of our authenticity is so vital if we choose to continue on this journey to complete our adventure in this universe, after the most incredible expedition!!! The more of us who step into our pure authenticity, the sooner the programs of control and limitation and the harvesting of our all powerful energy will end and the sooner we can revert to our pure essence and inflowment here on planet earth where we can once again use our beautiful power in benevolence. Those who have been controlling us and sucking our energy for millennia are weakening. I wrote it before here and I will state it again – I really FEEL in my heart that we as the aware part of humanity are doing the work of standing and living in truth, which is really changing the energy throughout the universe. Use LAUGHTER and humour as much as possible – this energy is too much for those suckers – they cannot handle it!! Hahahahaha!  This is why the big part of us often puts things over humourously – it is to show us that seriousness does not get us far – determination, resolve and tenacity is very helpful, but one does not have to be serious to achieve ones mission! Far from it – it is part of where we have gone wrong!  Again – do what it takes to keep this beautiful benevolent energy high – high energy, the Love is lifting me, lifting me HIGH!!! Dance, sing, hop, skip, run, jump, ride, laugh – keep it HIGH!

Yep 😉



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