Declining to Contract

This post comes from this question that I posed to my Big Self a while back, but was not actually answered at that time.
Below the question is the answer I got from my Big Self last night.   Definitely a fun, and interesting reply!!

At what point did creation agree to allow the matrix to take over here, whereby we as humans were “born into the matrix construct”? Did we ever agree to this imposition? If so, at what point? Could we be here in these moments of now to help/be part of removing/declining to contract/declining to accept these impositions – if we did not agree to them on any – and particularly on this level?!! → At what point can I – as a human – assert my right (as agreed at a soul level with creation) to choose how to express myself in human form?

Declining to Contract

The joke was almost on you ~ you humanity! ~ Thankfully only almost!
What a creation! Immense creativity! Awesome uniqueness! Absolute Brilliance!

Only the most imaginative creators in this Universe could have dreamed up something quite so intricate as ~~~~~~~ The Matrix!
Yep, y’all created a monster. Haha!
And my oh my, yippee dee doodle dandy ~ oh ~ you almost tricked yourselves!

It actually is really flippin funny!
Look, ~ you created a genius jigsaw puzzle for yourselves to solve and it was SO genius, even you brilliant beings almost didn’t solve the puzzle. Amnesia is such a fun “handicap”. Hahahaha!
Time was beginning to run out ~ but along came some super sleuths ~ who cracked it.

When enough of you stand up and let “it” (The Matrix System) KNOW that you KNOW this trick that y’all (haha) created, then its charge will fade and the system will wither.

It cannot continue to control you when you let it know that you now have the solution to its riddles and that you will no longer take its lies and corruption. Yes, it gave you all the clues and finally some have used all this information and have found the KEY to stop the programs of control and limitation.

IT IS SIMPLE ~ use of The Legal Name is what allows the Matrix System to continue to control any who use it.
My oh My oh MY! What a genius construction.
Yes, you did create it ~ on another level ~ and chose to experience it.

And you came to fathom it all out and doncha like a bit of an ol’ challenge from time to time? Yep, it’s taken y’all a bit of time, but just “in time” you nailed it.
Haha, I love using all your funny expressions, y’all are so creative.
Keep spreading this solution because it’s The Simple Truth.

Yep 😉


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