Being My Authentic Self

Being My Authentic Self

To be my authentic self, I must all ways be aware of my entire beingness! In addition, I must acknowledge this for unacknowledged and unaccepted, I cannot be authentic. Once aware and then acknowledged and accepted, I can move on to a place of knowing, being and acting as my authentic self. I express my true self from my heart and whatever way I choose to express, whether it be words or actions, those others who are also aware of and accepting of who they are, will know exactly what it is I am expressing.

In becoming and embracing my true authentic self, I know what is truth and what is lies. I know with no doubt or question the Truth of who I am and what I am embodied here to do. I end and complete all spiritual and soul contracts and agreements that are not serving my best interest. With this done, I am able to move through all physical experiences in grace and complete inflowment. It is simple, it is natural, it is absolute. Now and all ways.

5 thoughts on “Being My Authentic Self

  1. Yes, we really do have a big part of us that is very wise – I’m thinking of writing a book using some of these writings entitles “SO Much FKN Wisdom ~ Take back your power and know who you really ARE!”

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