Truth v Lies

An oldie, but a goodie – one never to be forgotten!!

Truth v Lies

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are going, whoever you be, and whatever the circumstances, truth is the only way. Lies are what will get you into trouble, one way or another. Think not that you can EVER get away with a lie – the sort of lie that harms another. This sort of lie will all ways catch up with you – all ways!!! Do not think that. you “got away with it” because you didn’t. Creation KNOWS. You cannot hide from creation, not now, not ever. Truth is the only way.

Lies are putrid – yes, they will rot inside of you and start to stink. This is why you cannot get away with them. Just when you thought you did get away with a lie, someone, or something will call you out. This is when you become defensive, angry and will do anything to try to make the other one believe your lie. But this will not work. Your reaction is what will reveal the truth. There are some who are serial liars. They do it so often that they think they are impervious to being found out. They get themselves deeper and deeper into the shit of lying. Eventually, they are stuck so deep in shit, it is almost impossible to free themselves. This is what is called payback!!

Truth, on the other hand, will set you free. You have no thing to hide – ever. You have no fear or concern about what anyone has to say or thinks about you. You only stand in truth, so there can be no fear of exposure because you only express yourself in truth. Those who stand in truth are healthy in mind and body. The more truth you express, the more and more healthy the mind and body becomes. It happens naturally without effort. Truth is the ultimate solution to ill and evil. Truth will never let you down. Truth is your friend, yesterday, today, tomorrow and next year – into infinity.

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