The Simple Truth – Re-posted

It seems that it is time for a re-posting of this writing – thanks Owl!  😉

The Simple Truth

There is only one truth, and after all the investigation, consultation, research, experiences, complication, and ultimate realization, it is simple ~ we are free!

We are infinite beings – we all ways have been and all ways will be existing, whether it be in body or in spirit. We are powerful beyond measure. When in body, we forget this – until we wake up and reconnect with our all powerful, immortal big self. Once we know this, anything is possible.

A brilliant creation has duped us into believing that we are only the physical body, and that we are a “NAME”, and that we must obey all man created laws, codes and statutes. This is not natural. The only law that is creator made is natural law – do no harm. Simple. Created at birth, a system has been holding us in slavery whereby we must obey these man created rules. But it is a fraud and a lie. It is ONLY the legal name “person” that can be ruled, and we have been duped into believing that we ARE the legal name “person” and when we answer to it, then the laws, codes and statutes apply. When we stand in TRUTH, knowing that we are powerful beyond measure and that we do not need to use a name, nor do we need to carry any documents/cards etc showing a name, then we are truly free, just as we came here to be in the first place.

FEAR has been used as a control tool to keep us obedient and compliant. When we step out of fear and move into truth and love, and act with respect and grace, then we can move into our perfect inflowment. We can live in balanced harmonious flow, in grace and with respect for all around us. This is our natural way of being, and if we choose this over fear and anger, then we align with nature.

It is only programming that can prevent us from finding our way back to inflowment. Awareness, acknowledgment and acceptance of these programs will help us remove them, and to then act consciously instead of acting due to deeply ingrained programs and conditioning. Awaken to your true self, know who you really are and move back to listening to your heart.

Live, love, laugh and enjoy every single moment in the physical. Let go of the programs, fears and anger and see how everything starts to align. Now and all ways.

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