Do we “DO” it, or do we not?
Do we put ourselves on the spot?
Do we sit and contemplate
What we must do – or, is it too late?

Too late for what? I hear you ask.
Too late to set yourselves to task
To find the key to earthly transformation,
Can you discover the full equation?

What to do, where to go?
Is it something you can know?
In a few moments as you sit and ponder,
Can you find your way to truth and splendor?

It is a puzzle, it must be said –
Ask your heart – it’s not in your head!
You must consult your heart core essence,
It’s where you find answers and presents!

Go within, yes ask your heart
What to do – where to start?
Sit with it in full consultation,
Then find your way to your transformation.

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