My Transformation Part 1

My Transformation

I ask my big M/E to give me some clues and some support and encouragement to help me experience my earthly transformation. I also ask for confirmation of the parts that I already experienced, and finally, I ask again for support as WE complete our earthly agreements and move forward into Free Forward Motion beyond the moments of transformation.

Righteo, here we go!! You might have thought in some moments of now that you could go this alone miss independent!!! As you now acknowledge and appreciate, you are making faster progress in your earthly transformation with a few tips from good ol M/E – your wise part residing in your heart!! You have already completed many parts of this transformation, one of these being mastering awareness. Having the awareness you now have keeps you safe and in some ways, ahead of the game – you know many truths and can identify lies fairly quickly. You use the triple A of earthly life so you don’t run into so many hazards now, instead you avoid most.

Knowing the biggest trick of all helps you the most. The biggest truth you needed to discover is that using the Legal Name is what keeps you enslaved to geodee and its matrix overlay and imposition. With these parts of your transformation complete, you move forward into your awareness of what it means to express yourself as an earth human as either divine masculine or divine feminine.   geodee has accomplished a mighty feat in using media and entertainment to trick you all into believing that it’s representation of masculine and feminine were the true expressions.

So, who and what is the true divine feminine? How is she expressed in human form? She is strong, yet soft, she is courageous yet meek, she is beautiful from within, she is compassionate yet knows to take care of herself first. She is caring and loving, kind and considerate, yet she does not do for others once they are no longer dependent children. She knows who she is and she loves herself beyond all else. She is grace and wisdom, yet she can be silly and child-like, laughing and joking, not taking anything too seriously. She knows what she likes and she does not change for others. She expresses herself for herself and not for others. She is major support and encouragement for others but she knows when to say “No” and when to encourage others to get up and do for themselves. She gives and receives in equal amounts. She knows that giving too much of herself hampers flow. She maintains balance and harmony this way. She knows what true beauty is and that it is not a physical attribute. Beauty comes from her heart and who she really is. Beauty is the true divine feminine. She is in balance with her inner divine masculine and uses this part of herself in complete inflowment.

Transformation from an earth human with complete amnesia to one who has completed his/her journey as earth humans takes the following recognitions.
1. Awareness of all around without becoming attached to these observations.
2. Acknowledgment of all of these observations.
3. Appreciation of every experience and being fully aware of what occurred followed by acknowledgment.
4. Awareness of what it is to be an expression of divine feminine or divine masculine along with complete balance of the other energy within and being capable of keeping and expressing this balance between the two energies. In human form, this is very useful to reach ones inflowment.
5. Surrender – the ability to surrender to creation knowing that all is well in every moment of now.
6. Being able to detach from all material “possessions” with complete grace, knowing that no thing is so essential that one cannot manage without it.
7. In the surrender, being able to know all is well – all ways.



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