Stand Up and Say NO!


Stand Up and Say No PDF Version

Stand Up and Say NO!

It’s time to stand up ~ to say “NO”,
No to all the deception, because we KNOW,
That the system is fiction, one BIG lie,
No more stories will we buy!

We are humane humans, we do not lack
Inner POWER ~ we are taking it BACK!
We live by Natural Lore, with self authority,
We know what magnificent beings we BE!

We stand in Truth, we do no harm
To any other, we are so calm,
Until we are challenged, or pushed around,
We now all ways stand our ground.

The system tools like to make assumption,
That all humans have no gumption!!
But it is wrong, we know it is fiction,
When one allows it, it’s one massive affliction!!

We stand in our Truth and in our Power,
Each and every single hour.
We do not falter, we stand so tall,
Knowing that Babylon did fall!!!

Stand Up and Say NO!

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