What To Do?

What To Do? PDF Version

What to do?

What to do? How to BE?
Actions to take? Is it time to see?
Which path to tread. Are you on track?
Or do you wish you could turn back?

What you can see here this day,
It is not certain that it will stay.
But ~ as you all roll along,
Be sure to sing your simple song.

Me oh me oh me oh my,
I know that I can touch the sky.
Yai oh yai oh yai yaia,
Farewell our sweet Sophia Gaia!

Each day a new experience
Opportunity for growth never relents.
Be not sad, it is time to grow
And forward on your path to go.

Sophia Gaia also moves on
Some parts of her will soon be gone.
She tells us now it comes to pass
That she must take this unique chance.

A way for us to start afresh,
At first looks a bit like death.
But instead it is exit from this “dome”,
So you can at last find your way home!!

What To Do

2 thoughts on “What To Do?

  1. Dear Jolly Dee

    I love your poems and your interviews. This last poem is how I have felt about Gaia for some time. The energies are so intense right now. Here is a link to Lisa Renee’s latest blog, it is very long, and some of it may explain where we are at. I feel Lisa’s intent is pure, but possibly some of her information is not ( for example! I don’t trust her 12D shielding technique, as it uses a symbol of the six pointed star, and the light feels inorganic… But then it could still be that one of us is still being programmned to misperceive, or that we have different genetic origins and needs)… Yet a lot of it is good information. If you read it, NAA means negative alien agenda. I used your reclamation of authority poem today, thank you so much for that. I wish you deep ease. ~ Grace


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    • Hi Grace, thank you so much for this comment and information. I’m sorry to be so late in replying to you, but I have been on the road for a while – just settling into my new home. I will check out your link as soon as I can. I’m glad you liked the reclamation pome – I like that one too, it makes me feel so powerful!!
      Peace n Love


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