The Importance of Being Human!

The Importance of Being HumanThe Importance of Being Human PDF Version

The Importance of Being Human!

Yes you can.” These three short words are oh so very powerful when addressed to a pure, authentic Human Being. You see, when a Human says “I can’t do that”, then she cannot. But when she says “I can do that”, and gives it full attention and intention to what it is she is talking about, then there is no stopping that man or woman. Now, while speaking of Human, man and woman, I know it is high time something is clarified. There is much talk and discussion on the meaning of words. They get pulled apart to expose the spells. This is a very good practice. However, the word Human is a unique and pure word which cannot be implanted with a spell and it can not have alternative meaning other than its TRUE meaning. Its TRUE meaning is the vessel that was created especially to allow spirits to incarnate on Earth Mother to experience the co-creation as living physical BEINGS on Earth.

This Human vessel houses spirits who have agreed to co-create with Universe Creator. These vessels are extremely unique and specialized. There are many unique traits within the human body and beingness. First of all, all humans are humane. This is a unique trait to Humans. Despite various amounts of tinkering, distortion and wounding of the human spirit, humans are kind, supportive, loving and giving to each other and to other species on Earth. When pure and authentic, humans live in perfect inflowment.

Now back to the abilities mentioned at the start. When pure and without programming and conditioning from outside sources/controllers, Humans are capable of anything. It is only “belief” that prevents Humans from achieving anything they intend to do or create, with action to complete the intention. Once the “limiters’ are removed, then anything is possible.  Sit quietly with Earth mother and allow her to help you let go of the conditionings that are holding you back. Breathe in your power and exhale the limitations and glide into your true authentic abilities.
Never Give Up.

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