How To Use Your Free Will Choice

How To Use Your Free Will Choice PDF Version

How To Use Your Free Will Choice

Without outside influence, one can much more easily come to ones own decisions, feelings, thoughts, ideas and above all, knowings. It can be useful to listen to words from others when one resonates with these particular words. They can wake up ones knowings and remind one of certain truths. However, if one were to spend time pondering on ones status/conditions or circumstances, one would all ways come forth with the best way forward. therefore, one can all ways make the choice/ decision which is in one’s best and highest interest. With this one must remember that ones higher/inner/ Big self actually makes the choices, so often it is best to go within ones Big Self to make ones choices and decisions. This is a most important piece of information. Be informed by your Big Self as much as possible in as many moments of now as feel to be in balance. Remember to breathe through all moments of concern, choice and decision.


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