What’s going on?

What’s Going On? PDF Version

What’s going on?

What’s going on? Why all this fuss?
What on Earth is going on with us?
Us Humanity, what has occurred?
Swirling energy has been stirred.

These are times of change and shift,
Not long before we sense a rift
Between where we’ve been and what’s ahead,
It’s somewhat challenging, it must be said.

We now find time to connect to heart
And our powerful knowing, it’s time to start
To recognise we must move on
To further dimensions. We are so strong!

What lies ahead is not yet clear,
When we listen to heart we can then steer
Ourselves toward our best direction
And find the way to new dimension.

We act in grace, and we connect
To all those that we love and respect.
We flow along with peaceful ease
Floating anywhere that we please.

What's Going On

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