Imagine ~ PDF Version

Imagine doing only what you Love,
Doing lots of things ~ “just becuz”!
Enjoying every single thing you do,
And mostly being simply YOU!

Imagine being happy from the inside out,
Being so happy that you want to shout
To all in earshot, how you love yourself,
Your life, your world and everyone else!

Imagine experiencing all your dreams,
Where they become real, sending out beams
Of light and love to all around,
Where magical music is the only sound!!

Imagine being creative the whole day through,
Satisfaction and joy running right through you
As you create from thoughts and visions,
And where you achieve your goals and missions!

Imagine being able to be fully unique,
And for acceptance and approval, never seek.
Imagine living the life you love ~ it’s time to start,
You can do all of this when you live from your Heart!!!


2 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. You continue to be an inspiration, Geri, and I needed to see this today. Dealing with a few issues and I’m clouded and feeling somewhat hollow, at times. I need to refocus and keep my spirit alive and thriving!

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