Harmony is Strength

Harmony is Strength

Harmony is strength.. When one lives in harmony and balance with all around, respecting and loving them all for who they are, then one enters into an inflowment. This ultimately becomes an inflowment of empowerment as one glides forward into Free Forward Motion towards ones goals, missions and most importantly, ones passions.

Towards is good, but never look back, all ways look to those passions and find yourself in them, living and breathing them. This is a full inflowment of empowerment. Yes, something as simple (and natural I must add) as harmony really IS strength. Simplicity is natural and any thing that is not simple is NOT natural. Be wise in all choices of actions to take. Be aware in all thoughts because of the power you have with these thoughts. Know in your heart that you are a powerful creator and that you CAN create that which you desire. Simple.

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