Questions & Feelings

Questions & Feelings

Questions & Feelings PDF Version

Which is the Spirit, who is the Soul?
What makes us broken, how to become whole?
Why are we here? What is my path?
All of these questions, I must now ask!

Every day I can ponder as I sit, walk or play,
Finding answers within, a new one each day!
I connect to our Earth Mother direct through my feet,
In time as I wander, I become complete!

I listen to my peers, my friends and my foes.
I then consult my heart, the part of me that knows.
And then as I ponder, my human body reacts,
As tingles ripple through me as all the lies collapse!

I know myself there is no one who really knows it all.
Each one of us has puzzle pieces, passed by spiritual ball!
We share our thoughts, our heartfelt truths with respect and grace,
And never put any pressure on, but maintain an even pace.

Each present moment ~ of now is a gift,
I appreciate it when I feel such a lift
Within my spirit, which guides me where to go
And which ultimately teaches me all that I know!!!

Questions  Feelings

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